Attention CEO's, Business Owners, And Human Resource Managers...
How To Consistently Hire Elite Staff For Your Business, With The Guidance Of An Employee Selection Professional  
Hi, this is David Osborne, the founder of Profitable Personnel.

And I have a simple question for you...

Do you have a proven process to hiring staff that are going to be an asset for your company... and not a liability? 
You see, from experience most businesses don't. 

The average business makes their decisions about new staff based off of their gut feel and bias. 

In other words, they make an educated GUESS about who to choose.

But the honest truth is that sort of approach is highly likely to cost you a LOT of money.  

Especially when you consider that statistics suggest employers regret their hiring decisions 51.2% of the time*. 

So basically, 1 in every 2 hiring decisions made are costly mistakes. 

And the financial effect of these poor decisions can easily result in serious consequences to the business, with the cost of a mis-hire estimated at*: 
  •  $529,962 for an employee
  • $1,324,905 for a manager
  •  $2,384,829 for a senior executive
And keep in mind, this is for just one mis-hire. 

When you start making multiple hiring mistakes it's clear that the impact to a business owner is a serious one. It's not something that can be swept under the rug and ignored. 

So with this in mind, what's the solution then?

Well, I recommend you start with the FREE microbook I've created, which is titled: 
"The Ultimate Guide To Hiring Like An Expert"
The microbook will literally take you 5 minutes to read...

And it's going to help you to unlock the secret formula to consistently and predictably employing A-Grade talent... by following a simple 6-step process (even if you don't want to do the hiring yourself).

It's the end product of over 12 years experience of finding elite talent for hundreds of business owners. I'm talking about the kind of talent that can provide a 800% return on investment for the business owner. 
My rigorous methods are proven to find the cream of the crop, and weed out the mediocre performers. Think of it more as a selection formula, rather than a recruitment exercise.

The point being... instead of your new staff costing you money and giving you headaches, they will actually make you money instead. 

This Microbook is the first step to getting clear on the exact characteristics of the employee(s) you need for a particular role. And once completed you can submit it to myself for expert feedback. 

From there, you can then decide if you'd prefer to do the hiring yourself... or hand over everything to Profitable Personnel to take care of. 

Either way, the Microbook (less than 10 minutes work), is your first step to hiring A-Grade talent... who will provide you a return on investment. 

And after all, that's why you got into business in the first place, right? 

So don't delay... get started right now by clicking the green button below to get started. 
* Reference - (1). Smart, B (1999) Topgrading, penguin press NY, P36)
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