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Hi, my name is David Osborne, and for over 12 years I've been helping businesses all over the world to find elite staff, who will who deliver at least an 800% return on investment within the first twelve months.

And one of the biggest observations I've made from both the inside and the outside, is that many businesses struggle to identify what sort of person would be the ideal fit for the companies long term goals. 
The harsh reality is employers get it wrong quite often. 

You see, statistics suggest employers regret their hiring decisions 51.2% of the time*. So basically, 1 in every 2 hiring decisions made are mistakes. 

The financial effect of these poor decisions can easily result in serious consequences to the business, with the cost of a mis-hire estimated at*: 
  •  $529,962 for an employee
  •  $1,324,905 for a manager
  • $2,384,829 for a senior executive 
 * Reference - (1). Smart, B (1999) Topgrading, penguin press NY, P36)
And keep in mind, this is for just one mis-hire. 

When you start making multiple hiring mistakes it's clear that the impact to a business owner is a serious one. It's not something that can be swept under the rug and ignored. 

So let's briefly explore why this occurs and what the solution is... 
The #1 Reason Why Mis-hires occur
I believe the SINGLE biggest challenge businesses have when it comes to recruiting is they are not 100% clear on who would be the right person for them.

They know they need a person for a role... but they are not 100% sure about the characteristics of the person who would be the ideal fit. Therefore, they use “gut feel” when they are interviewing people to make the decision.

On top of that... they often don't realise they are making decisions based on a series of biases and false impressions such as:
  •  Affinity Bias – Subconsciously hiring people who are like themselves.
  •  Confirmation Bias – During a face to face interview employers subconsciously make their decisions within 4 minutes, and every other question is then used to confirm this bias.
  •  Appearance inferences – The taller and more attractive the person, the more likely you will attribute to them to having a higher IQ and suitability.
  •  The Contrast effect – Hiring the best of the poor bunch, selecting them by comparing them to the other applicants.
  •  Self-awareness – You could be chatting with a thoroughly convincing but deluded candidate.
  •  Cultural awareness – Not examining the values you live and breathe and assessing candidates against your true values.
  •  Gender Bias – Men when interviewing woman are often influenced by looks and gender, and vice a versa.
The point here is that very few employers use a scientific and systematic process to find staff who will provide excellent value for money, and not just turn up to receive a weekly pay cheque. 

And because of this it costs them a LOT of money. 
The Blunt Facts About Hiring Employees
These two quotes from Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic and Adrian Furnham (from the book, The Psychology of Personnel Selection) sum up the challenges employers face well:

“People are deceptive, both in the impression management and self-delusional sense. Some are self-aware: they know their strengths, limitations, even what really motivates them; they may even be able to report their condition. Many others are not.”  

“Interviews are therefore presented as a minefield of dishonesty: a game of intellectual charades, where both parties are essentially out to “trick” and “outmanoeuvre” one another” .
And to really get a clear picture of what you are up against in terms of recruiting the right staff, Tony Hughes and‎ Malcolm Jowitt estimate that...
  •  37% of resumes are falsified
  •  25% of employees make up their work history
  •  85% of University students have admitted to cheating to obtain a degree
  •  33% of higher education qualifications especially PhD’s are false
  •  Interviews are only effective 14% of the time
These stats are depressing...

But they illustrate why you MUST have a scientific and systematic approach to recruiting your staff, instead of just picking who appears to be the best choice. 

Because as we've just established, guessing and gut feel will likely result in a mis-hire, and cost you a fortune. 

So with that in mind, what is the solution then?
The Solution To Never Experiencing A Mis-hire Again...
The best way to avoid these costly mis-hires is to undertake thorough position profiling using a proven process that WORKS.

Position profiling is the FIRST thing you should do in the recruiting process. Because if you don't do it first, everything else that follows will more than likely fail miserably. This is crucial to understand. 
To look at it another way, police use profiling as an effective way to catch criminals. 

And with companies, it's a similar story for finding A-Grade talent for a particular role. Profiling will help you to:
  • Identify exactly what you want the employee to achieve
  • Identify precisely what type of person would be perfect for the role
  • Craft the correct questions to ask in the interview process
So as you can see, the benefits of position profiling are MASSIVE if it's done correctly. 

Just imagine this perfect scenario...

Your organisation will hire the RIGHT person the FIRST time. 

They will stay a LONG time.

And they will also be highly PRODUCTIVE in a short time frame. 

This is what you can expect if position profiling is done right. 
How Your Company Can Solve This Problem For Good
So now you know WHAT to do (ie position profiling) to avoid costly mis-hires in the future. The next question is HOW to actually do it. 

The truth is profiling is a thorough process that can not be easily glossed over. And if you don't know what you're doing, you can easily get it wrong and waste your time. 

However, on the next page I'll reveal the quickest and easiest way you can get on top of position profiling... whether your business is going to hire anyone or not in the next four weeks.

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