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  •  Base Salary: $70 - $90,000
  •  On Target Earnings: $150,000 + based on performance/results UNCAPPED
  •  Commissions paid weekly in arrears
  •  Training provided on going
  •  Phone - Ipad
  •  An exciting and lucrative opportunity is available for an outbound Telemarketing Team Leader who would like to work
  •  in inspiring surroundings earn great money and help Australian's pay off their mortgage in 5-6 years.

  •  Start the day with a Team Meeting to ensure everyone is energised for the shift 
  •  Ensure the individual Team members make 250 outbound calls per day 
  •  That they Present the opportunity to 3 -6 prospective Clients a day
  •  To book an average of 2 Appointments per day
  •  he Team Leader then quality checks the Appointment
  •  Reminds the Client time of the appointment
  •  Enters the Appointment into the outlook Diary
  •  Schedules a call back prior to the appointment to remind the Client of meeting (usually 2 days prior)
  •  Co-ordinates with the In home Consultant to ensure the Appointments gets seen
  •  If the Call needs to be taken over then this will be part of the responsibility of the Team Leader
  •  Training
  •  Motivation
  •  Reporting
  •  Ensuring the team work harmoniously and collaboratively together.
  •  Ensuring the team follow the tried and tested procedures.
  •  Ensuring the team strive for their daily goals.
  •  To keep the team environment "fresh" and exciting  

  •   Business location: Perth CBD 
  •  The successful hire starts on Feb 12th. 
See the Job Ad here LinkedIn Page
Or you can directly email Ivy for more information at ivy@profitablepersonnel.com 
  •  $66,000 Base Salary
  •  Plus 9.5% Superannuation
  •  Uncapped 4% commission
  •  Commissions are paid quarterly
  •  Company car and petrol allowance

  •  To follow up on leads and undertake home care presentations
  •  To convert the client into a home care package
  •  To ensure the contract is handed over to a case manager
  •  To contact strategic partners and create strategic alliances
  •  To manage the alliances and obtain home care presentations
  •  To enter all relevant data into the customer relationship management programme
  •    Business location: South Perth
  •   The successful hire starts on Feb 12th. 
See the Job Ad here LinkedIn Page
Or you can directly email Ana for more information at ana@profitablepersonnel.com
  • Base Salary: $70,000 - $80,000
  •  First year - On Target Commissions: $10,000 - $15,000.
  •  Second year - On Target Commissions: $30,000 - $55,000.
  •  Third year - On Target Commissions: $50,000 - $75,000
  •  Plus Super 9.5
  •  Car Toyota Corolla
  •  Phone
  •  Analysing the market
  •  Calling clients
  •  Making appointments
  •  Selling meat
  •  Putting the details into the CRM
  •  Tender preparation
  •  Collaborating with colleagues to prepare the tender.
  •  Analyze data or insights to determine industry and consumer trends
  •  Devise long-term development strategies for product categories
  •  Develop exit strategies for unsuccessful products
  •  Foster trust relationships with vendors to achieve better pricing and quality of services
  •  Place appropriate orders to ensure product availability that meets consumer demands
  •  Liaise with marketing teams to determine competitive pricing and promotional activities of a product category
  •  Make forecasts for product demand to ensure the sustainability of inventory
  •  Reporting on Sales YTD at the end of each week
  •  Reporting on orders YTD at the end of each week.
  •  Reporting on the expected 30-day demand at the end of each week.
  •  Reporting on stock loss due to over ordering, at the end of each week
  •  Business location: Cairns Queensland
  •   The successful hire starts on Feb 12th. 
See the job Ad here LinkedIn Page
Or you can directly email Jay at jay@profitablepersonnel.com
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