The 6 Keys To Thriving In A World Of Rapid Change

And how a story about cheese can help you get work

Nearly 100 Western Australian companies failed in November 2015 (1) and many employees are facing redundancy. This in turn leads to anxiety and stress because of the concerns about future financial security.

Those of us who have been in business for a while would have…………..

Why Hiring Staff Is Like Investing In Property

It’s all about return on investment not the time spent in activity

Smoke and mirrors

A telemarketer contacted me and asked if I desired some lead generation work. I asked the telemarketer why she had stopped working with her last two clients and the reply was “I have managed to make them so busy that they don’t need to use me anymore.” I said “Is it okay if I organise a three way phone call with the last two businesses you worked for and ask them “is it true that ……….. has managed to make you so busy that you do not need to use her anymore?”…………

The Four Signs Of A Stress Free Star Or A Toxic Taker!

And the behaviours that reveal their true qualities

Our language truly defines us as people and what we focus on often becomes our reality. That focus starts with the silent conversation we all have with ourselves.

“Where the focus goes the energy flows”.

The four signs of a toxic taker are:

  • Their focus
  • Their language
  • Their results………………….

At Least 30% Of employees Are “Over Their Job” And Want Out!

And the 5 steps you can take for a happier and more productive workplace.

Mercer surveyed 2,400 workers in the United States and hundreds more in other countries and found nearly one in three workers are seriously considering leaving their jobs and 21% said they have a negative view of their employer and have largely checked out of their job, even if they aren’t looking for another one (1).

In Australia similar studies show……………………

3 Red Flags of Self Delusion and Denial

And how to select a true high performance manager.

In 1903 the Ford motorcar company was founded. By the early 1920’s the company was producing 60 percent of all the motor vehicles in the United States and over half the motorcars in the World. By the end of the twenties consumers were looking for more choice “a car for every purse and purpose” and although the trends were obvious Henry Ford refused adapt and change. By 1945 the Ford Motor company was close to bankruptcy.

Self-delusion and denial is ………….


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